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Hell, why not get in touch.  I’m much better at keeping in touch now that I can check email on my phone, and I’ve even become addicted to social networking sites…     the one I’m most hooked on is in Chinese though, sorry… 

fislkemail @ kevinmunns.comassdlkj


You can’t copy and paste these addresses, by the way, or you’ll be sent to email oblivion

Kevin Munns

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Text Box: And this is where to find me on facebook.  Be prepared to type in a lot of wonky-words first though.

This is my Linkedin page in English, and in Chinese

Text Box: Lastly, I have started using the Chinese version of twitter, called Weibo, which with the added convenience of not being illegal means I use it regularly.  If you thought you might use it to get in touch though, it has the slight drawback of being in Chinese.  Sorry about that

When I’m in China this is the one, apart from email, which I check the most.

But I’ve given up trying to use it in China, ever since they cut my internet for a week every time I opened my VPN software.  Send me an email instead, I’ll use facebook at Christmas.

Contact me

Text Box: China Blog      Learning Chinese      BLCU Beijing      Sichuan University      Minorities University      Disgusting Food


Text Box: If you wanted a more light-hearted recap of what I’ve been up to since I was last in the UK, you could do a lot worse than having a quick read of my disgusting foods page.  I say ‘quick’, it’s turned into a bit of a thesis, not to mention that it’s the number two result on Google for ‘disgusting Chinese food’...

My brother also has a not insignificantly sized website about all things Munns, including his gigs oop North where he now lives...