Same again.  John Wood was right, my left side was always down a bit...

This page is for a few photos of my ballroom dancing days…   I started when I was at university, and competed in the university dancing competitions for 5 years, and then competed on the British open amateur circuit for another 5 years.  It was great fun, a lot of hard work, but worth it when me and my last partner made it into the top 10 amateur ranking chart in 2005.  Here’s a few pics...

On of my favourite Blackpool shots, this one from the Closed British / British National Championships or whatever they call it now...

This was at the Celtic Classic in Tralee, southern Ireland, an IDSF competition. 

This is probably my favourite photo, taken at Frimley Park during the run-up to Blackpool. 

And then there’s Blackpool.  This was the British Open 2005. 

Kevin Munns

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Ballroom Dancing


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