A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A lot this time…   I have completely re-written the ‘learning Chinese’ page, which after my teacher told me I didn’t need to study it any more I felt I had to say a lot about.  Also I have added a section to my Disgusting Food Page to make it more rounded, added a small page about the SW China University for ‘Nationalities’ (Minorities, for people who don’t speak Chinglish), updated my Contact page, and added a blog or two.  Can you tell I’m looking for a job?  And I haven’t even started translating it all into Chinese yet…  

And you can contact me.  This is the bit I’m worst at though, which is probably why I wrote the website in the first place… 

Totally Updated Wednesday 2nd January, 2013

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… Facebook hadn’t been invented, internet sites from around the world were enabling freer communication, and travellers seeking to further their awareness of the universe, known as backpackers, wandered freely between star systems, seeking to improve their knowledge of the Force and it’s mysterious ways. 

During this period, small, unknown websites could be created for passing simple messages to family and friends in far away places, and so save on the hassle of writing tons of emails every day which people mostly wouldn’t read anyway.  

Since then, everyone’s grandmother started using Facebook.  But the Imperial Senate, in a final attempt to crush rebellion and eliminate all knowledge of the Force, banned all websites connected with the Rebellion, and created a clone army of followers to patrol the information superhighway and destroy all opposition once and for all.  

The struggle to maintain tiny websites hangs by a thread, and has become a daily effort to evade detection from the obedient servants of the evil Emperor…

On the small desert planet of Tatooine a blog was created to detail the strange behaviour of the local humanoid species and document the ongoing battle with the Empire. 

Although numbering only a few, a small group of determined believers remain strong enough to continue learning the ways of the force.  This is my page about learning the language, which, let’s face it, I’ve been doing a while. 

Let go Luke, feel the force flow through your body...

Jedi training is hard, but there are a large number of institutions at which one can learn the mysterious connection with which local people seem bound:   I have a page about BLCU in Beijing, a page about Sichuan University where I studied for three and a half years, and a growing page about the SW University for Minorities in Chengdu, where I am now… yes, still studying Chinese. 

And the old favourite, my disgusting food page, which is currently the number 2 search result for ‘disgusting Chinese food’ on Google…  

I’ll be honest though, the rest of the website is just an attempt to amuse myself in a world without facebook.  I’ve put up a few pages of pictures that I would have posted on facebook  a) if it had been invented  and/or  b) it hadn’t been declared illegal and subversive.

I have a page with a list of 10 places I liked a lot while travelling.

There’s a page with my ballroom dancing pictures on,  and a page with some pictures of the places where I tried to do dentistry, with varying degrees of success.

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